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Get Involved: Make a Difference with the Kennedy Ladd Foundation

Join Our Cause

At the Kennedy Ladd Foundation, we believe that every action, big or small, can create a significant impact. Your involvement is crucial in our mission to support those affected by MPS1 and work towards finding a cure.

Curing a disease is challenging, especially when it is unfamiliar to most people. However, it is not an impossible feat. There is hope that significant progress is being made, with more research being conducted than ever before. Additionally, there is a growing awareness of the disease, and credit goes to people like you for this positive change.

Here are various ways you can get involved:

Donate to Make a Difference

Your financial contribution directly supports our initiatives:

  • Research Funding: Contribute to groundbreaking research efforts aimed at finding a cure for MPS1.
  • Family Support Programs: Help provide essential resources, and emotional support to families affected by MPS1.
  • Awareness Campaigns: Support our advocacy and awareness initiatives to educate and inform communities about MPS1. With Awareness comes a cure.

Every donation brings us closer to a world without MPS1. No amount is too small.

Volunteer Your Time and Skills

Your time and expertise are invaluable:

  • Event Volunteers: Join us in organizing and executing events, fundraisers, and
    awareness campaigns.
  • Professional Skills: Offer your professional skills in areas like marketing, design, or
    administration to support our cause.
  • Creative Contributions: Whether you’re a designer, writer, content creator, or social media guru, your creative talents can help amplify our message and impact. The opportunities and needs are endless…
  • Advocacy and Outreach: Become a vocal advocate for MPS1 awareness in your community.

Your commitment and passion can drive positive change.

Partner with Us

Collaborate for a greater impact:

  • Corporate Partnerships: Explore partnership opportunities for corporate social
    responsibility or joint initiatives.
  • Community Alliances: Join forces with us to host events, workshops, or awareness drives in your community.
  • Research Collaborations: Partner with us to advance research and development in the
    field of MPS1.

Together, we can achieve more. Let’s collaborate for a cause.

Spread the Word

Help us amplify our message:

  • Share on Social Media: Follow us on social platforms and share our posts to raise awareness about MPS1.
  • Host Fundraisers: Organize fundraising events in your local community or workplace to support our cause.
  • Educate Others: Share our resources and educational materials to inform others about

Every share, every conversation counts. Together, we can create a ripple effect of awareness.

Share Your Story

The Kennedy Ladd Foundation believes in the power of stories. We also understand the strength that lies in shared experiences. Every journey is unique, and every voice is a catalyst for change. By sharing your story, you contribute to a collective narrative that raises awareness, fosters understanding, and inspires hope. Your journey with MPS1 is significant, and we invite you to be featured on our website to amplify your voice and our impact to create change!

Together, We Can Make a Difference

Your involvement with the Kennedy Ladd Foundation is more than a contribution; it’s a commitment to making a lasting impact in the lives of those affected by MPS1. It is about saving lives. It is about a better quality of life. Join us on this journey toward a future where MPS1 is a
thing of the past.

Thank you for considering being a part of our cause.