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Share Your Story: MPS1 Family Stories

Your Voice Matters

The Kennedy Ladd Foundation believes in the power of stories. We also understand the strength that lies in shared experiences. Every journey is unique, and every voice is a catalyst for change. By sharing your story, you contribute to a collective narrative that raises awareness, fosters understanding, and inspires hope. Your journey with MPS1 is significant, and we invite you to be featured on our website to amplify your voice and our impact to create change!

Why Share Your Story?

  1. Raise Awareness: Your story helps educate others about MPS1, shedding light on the challenges and triumphs of families affected by this rare condition.
  2. Create Connection: By sharing your experiences, you connect with a supportive community of individuals who understand the journey, providing comfort and strength.
  3. Advocate for Change: Your story becomes a powerful advocacy tool, encouraging research, funding, and improved resources for MPS1 families. When we come together, our collective voice becomes a force for change.

How to Be Featured:

Step 1: Fill Out the Form

Please take a few minutes to complete our MPS1 Family Spotlight Form. Share your journey, milestones, challenges, and the lessons you’ve learned along the way. Your insights are invaluable.

Step 2: Our Team Will Connect

After receiving your submission, our team will review your story. We may reach out to you for additional details or to discuss how you’d like to be featured.

Step 3: Your Story Goes Live

Once approved, your story will be featured on our website’s MPS1 Family Spotlight section. Your words will inspire others and contribute to the collective strength of the MPS1 community.

Join Us in Making a Difference

Your story is a powerful tool in our collective effort to advocate for MPS1 awareness and research. Join us in making a difference—one story at a time.

Knowledge is Key. Your Story is Important. Together, Let’s Shine a Light on MPS1.